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Research and Data PDF


With ODHH’s input, Research Data Analysis prepared a 13-page report, entitled “Demographic and socio-economic characteristics of persons with serious hearing loss and other serious health conditions in Washington State.” The report is based on U.S. Census’ 2008 American Community Survey.

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Washington State Laws PDF

Washington State Laws

State laws in Washington are known as Revised Code of Washington.  There are several state laws related to deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind people. ODHH has prepared a listing of various RCWs as a resource.  There are other federal and state laws related to people with disabilities but are not included in this listing.



Professionals and stakeholders use various acronyms in various fields such as early intervention, technology, rehabilitation, education, interpreting as well as recognized acronyms of national and Washington State organizations. ODHH has prepared a list of acronyms as a resource when providing services to deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind.

Link to Secretary of State voters with disabilities

Information for Voters With Disabilities

It is a priority of the Office of the Secretary of State and county elections officials to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to vote independently and privately.

ODHH Emergency Resource Information

Emergency/Disaster Preparedness

There are national, state and local resources for emergency & disaster preparedness including information for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind and people with disabilities. Resources on emergency or disaster notification alerts, calling 911, and specialized weather radios and smoke alarms are also included.

Link to How to file a Discrimination Complaint

How to File a Discrimination Complaint

Deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind people often face discrimination when attempting to access employment, state/local government agencies, business, nonprofit, housing, airports, health care, mental health, education, and captioning. ODHH has prepared a listing of agencies where they can file a complaint or get help. It’s important to find out the deadline or time limit to file a specific complaint.