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DSHS Strategic Plans 2013-2015

DSHS Mission


DSHS Vision

To transform lives.  
  • People are healthy,
  • People are safe,
  • People are supported,
  • Taxpayer resources are guarded.


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Administration's Strategic Plans:


DSHS Strategic Goals, Objectives and Priorities

DSHS aligns its goals and strategies with the priorities outlined in Results Washington to improve services for our clients and the citizens of Washington state.



  • Goal 1: HEALTH – Each individual and each community will be healthy
  • Goal 2: SAFETY – Each individual and each community will be safe
  • Goal 3: PROTECTION – Each individual who is vulnerable will be protected
  • Goal 4: QUALITY OF LIFE – Each individual in need will be supported to attain the highest possible quality of life
  • Goal 5: PUBLIC TRUST – Strong management practices will ensure quality and efficiency



The Department of Social and Health Services is results oriented and uses data to measure progress in outcomes for communities and in people’s lives. Strategic Plan updates and Core Metrics – Results-Based Accountability—are tools to measure our progress in achieving our goals.




Strategic planning is a critical component of successful organizations. It defines the direction of the agency and is used to make decisions about how to best allocate resources to achieve desired outcomes. The Department’s strategic plans are dynamic and will be updated quarterly to reflect progress, Legislative and budget realities and priorities.
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Bill Moss, Assistant Secretary, Aging and Long-Term Support Administration,

Jane Beyer, Assistant Secretary, Behavioral Health and Service Integration Administration,

Jennifer Strus, Assistant Secretary, Children´s Administration,

Everlyn Perez, Assistant Secretary, Developmental Disabilities Administration,

David Stillman, Assistant Secretary, Economic Services Administration,

John Clayton, Assistant Secretary, Juvenile Justice and Rehabilitation Administration,

Kathy Marshall, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Services Administration,

Pat Lashway, Assistant Secretary, Services and Enterprise Support Administration