Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

Research & Data Analysis Division



Appendix A: Additional Research Staff

Appendix B: Research Involving Pregnant Women, Human Fetuses, and Neonates as Subjects

Appendix C: Research Involving Prisoners as Subjects

Appendix D: Research Involving Children as Subjects

Appendix E: Unaffiliated Investigator Agreement

Appendix F: Recruitment, Consent/Assent, and Authorization Documents

Appendix G: State Agency Records Request (Rev. Oct 2014) |Contact List (Oct 2014)|

Appendix H: Resource Requests (Feb 2013)

Appendix I: Consent/Authorization Waivers

Appendix J: Electronic Data Security Plan

 | Data Security Exhibit |

Appendix K: Data Collection Instruments

Appendix L: Miscellaneous Study Documents

Appendix M: Application for Funds Awarded to DSHS, DOH, L&I , and/or HCA

Appendix N: Conflict of Interest Reporting (Rev. May 2013)