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Description: The First Steps Database (FSDB) has provided a unique opportunity to study women identified as substance abusers during and after pregnancy and their children's outcomes. A series of Research and Data Analysis (RDA) division studies have focused on the special needs of pregnant substance-abusing women and the risk of poor outcomes for their children. RDA developed an expanded database including administrative data and client-specific data for women who receive services through three projects known as Safe Babies, Safe Moms (Formerly Comprehensive Program Evaluation Project). These projects are modeled on the principles discussed in the January 1999 report to the Washington state legislature, "A Comprehensive Program for Alcohol and Drug Abusing Mothers and Their Young Children." The resulting data base added employment security and criminal justice data to the FSDB and, for clients receiving services, included participant identification information, measures routinely used in assessing client needs, and information pertaining to services received.

The primary goal of Safe Babies, Safe Moms is to help in the establishment of a statewide program designed to improve the health and welfare of substance-abusing mothers and their young children. Using the three sites, the evaluation will determine the extent to which the project has been effective in: 1) the early identification of pregnant substance abusers; 2) improving access to health care services; and 3) providing family-oriented early intervention services for mothers and their young children.

Client services in Safe Babies, Safe Moms are based upon four core services: 1) additional capacity for residential chemical dependency treatment for pregnant and parenting women; 2) behavioral health services and counseling for the mother; 3) child development services; and 4) parenting education curriculum.


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