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Washington Connection Community Partnership Program

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FREE Washington Connection Community Partnership Trainings

  • Level I and Level II Certificated Trainings




 Oct 14, 2014:    Seattle    Kathy
 Oct 17, 2014:    Tacoma    Jarret
 Oct 22, 2014:    Spokane    Leslie
 Nov 12, 2014:    Lynnwood    Kathy
 Nov 20, 2014:    Moses Lake    Leslie


Please contact your Regional Consultant as shown for more information on the trainings or to register. Please see the  Regional Map to locate your consultant.


 Region  Name/E-Mail Phone 
 1- East Side  Leslie.Stickel@dshs.wa.gov  509-227-2227
 2- North  Kathy.Tan@dshs.wa.gov  206-272-2164
 3- South and West   Jarret.McGill@dshs.wa.gov  253-476-7040


  • Partnership Subcommittee Forum

TBD February 2015


During Webinars we discuss enhancements to the Washington Connection web portal, Community Partnership updates and helpful tips from our consultants.

The webinar will be held at multiple locations, please contact your consultant as listed above for more information.


Contact Stephanie Hill, Program Manager at Stephanie.Hill@dshs.wa.gov to find out more information about registering to be a Community Partner!




The Referral Communications Committee, consisting of members from the Department of Social and Health Services, Home and Community Services, Health Care Authority, Health Benefit Exchange and community Lead Organizations have created a Cross Agency Desk Aid to assist our staff and partners in referring clients to the correct agency for the services they seek.

Please see it here.   


In addition to the Cross Agency Desk Aid, the Committee has also created a promotional document meant to help clients navigate the systems to find the services they are seeking. This document is called "How Do I" and can be found here:http://www.dshs.wa.gov/pdf/publications/22-1574.pdf.


Are you a Community-based Organization wishing to provide additional services to your customers?

You are invited to join Washington Connection where people can easily and securely learn about and apply for a broad array of services and benefits online such as:  food, cash, and medical assistance; child care subsidies; long-term care services and support; and drug and alcohol treatment.  Washington Connection also provides contact information and links to other services that require a different application process.

Being a partner, you will: periodically receive updated information related to services or features   supported by Washington Connection, have a local contact for your questions, have the opportunity to attend community partnership meetings, network with other organizations, and provide feedback about Washington Connection.  You may also receive technical assistance and marketing materials as needed.

There are two partnership levels that describe the investment you would make to help applicants. 

Service Level 1: 

Host Organization (assist with one or more of the following functions)

  • Display posters and printed marketing materials about Washington Connection
  • Provide applicants with access to a computer with an icon to Washington Connection on the desktop
  • Provide applicants with assistance in answering questions about the Washington Connection website

Service Level 2: 

Assisting Agency

  • Display posters and printed marketing materials about Washington Connection
  • Provide applicants with assistance in completing and submitting the online application (To protect the confidentiality of client information, Assisting Agencies will be required to fill out a Data Share Agreement and Non-Disclosure forms.)

In addition to choosing a service level, your organization must select the type of access you are able to provide:

  • Limited Access   Your address will not be published.  (Provide access to Washington Connection to your customers only.)
  • Public Access   Your address will be published. (Provide access to Washington Connection to the general public.)

To join, simply go to the Washington Connection  site, look for Register as a Community Partner under the "Community partner resources" navigation panel.