WORK - Work Registration/Participation Screen

What is the WORK screen?

The WORK screen is used to collect and display work registration exemptions and participation information for each AU member receiving TANF/SFA, Basic Food and Disability Lifeline benefits.

The following fields are used to track information regarding reviews and exception s to rule for the Disability Lifeline (GA) program:

  • Closure Delay Reason field is used to enter an exception to rule for the Disability Lifeline program. See <F1> help.
  • Review Cmpl Dt field is AUTO populated when an Incapacity Social Worker (ISW) has completed a disability review on a client in Barcode.

For more information about this screen, see <F2> Help.

How do I complete the fields on the WORK screen?

Please refer to <F1> Help for the appropriate valid values to complete each of the following fields:

  1. Exempt Reason: Enter the reason the client is exempt from TANF/SFA WorkFirst or FS E&T.
  2. Partic Stat: Enter the client’s participation status code.
    • The participation status of each household member is entered in the CA field for a TANF/SFA case or the FS field for a Basic Food Program case.
    • See Disqualifications and Sanctions.
  3. Partic Date: Enter the date (mmddyy) the client’s participation status changed.
  4. Number Offenses: Enter the number of times the client has failed to cooperate with FS E&T.
  5. Supp Work: INVALID.
  6. Months in Sanction: The system populates the number of months in sanction.
    • Each month that cash is received from TANF/SFA while in sanction is counted as one month. The ongoing month is not counted in the total. The count resets to zero when the participation status code is changed to a code other than RE – Mandatory Participant or SN – Sanction after 60 Months.
  7. Closure Delay Reason: Enter the code to indicate why cash assistance is not being terminated.
    • The code listed indicates the reason for a client remaining active on TANF/SFA even though the Months in Sanction count would be sufficient to terminate cash assistance for Non-Compliance Sanction.
  8. FS section: Enter information about Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD). See Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD).
    • Work Status: Enter the method of participation the ABAWD client has chosen to meet the work requirement.
    • Non-Qualifying Work Mths: Enter the date (MMYYYY) for each month that the ABAWD fails to meet work requirements.
    • Requalifying Dt: Enter the date (MMDDYYYY) the ABAWD meets the work requirement to requalify for Basic Food Assistance. See What Information do I enter in the re-qualifying date field?
    • Subsequent Non-Qualify Mth: Enter the date (MMDDYYYY) that an ABAWD subsequently fails to meet work requirements.
      • Use this field when the ABAWD who had previously been disqualified for failure to meet work requirements and has failed to meet the requirement.
      • Month one (1) of the three (3) consecutive month extension will be the month following the month entered in this field.
  9. CA section: Enter information about a TANF/SFA client. See EA-Z Manual - WorkFirst Sanctions - Participation.
    • Closed While in NCS: Enter the code to terminate TANF/SFA when the Months in Sanction count is sufficient to terminate for Non-Compliance Sanction and the Non-Compliance Sanction Review process has been completed.
    • NCS Terminations: This number is system populated with the number of times that the client has caused a Non-Compliance Sanction termination.
    • Requalifying Reason: Enter the code to indicate the re-qualifying reason for a client that had been terminated due to Non-Compliance Sanction.
    • Requalifying Dt: This date is system populated with the date that a client’s Partic Stat code is changed from RE – Mandatory Part/No Cooperation or SN – Sanction After 60 Months to MP - Mandatory Participant. The date reflects the date the sanction was cured.
      • The user has the option of changing the date to an earlier date if needed.
  10. Yrs of Educ: Enter the number of years of education the client has completed.
  11. GA section: Enter exception in the Closure Delay Reason field when a client has been approved for exception to rule for Disability Time limits. See <F1> help.
    • If the Incapacity Social Worker (ISW) has entered an exempt reason in Barcode this field will be AUTO populated.
  12. RVW Cmpl Dt: This field is AUTO populated only when the ISW completes a disability review in Barcode.
  13. ETR End Month: Exception to rule end month. Enter the month and year of the last month of an exception to rule to keep a GA AU open when the client has exceeded the time limit.