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DSHS is following Public Health and Governor Inslee’s recommendation to direct public to the Department of Health for up-to-date information regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) and our state’s response. 

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Daily numbers tracked by the DSHS Emergency Coordination Center

Snapshot Dashboard

The COVID-19 pandemic requires an unprecedented response from DSHS to maintain our mission and to keep employees and clients in our residential programs safe. When disasters or emergencies happen, the DSHS Emergency Coordination Center activates to provide a centralized, coordinated response for the department.

The DSHS ECC has been activated since March 2 to support the COVID-19 response. This and is tracking data into a daily snapshot such as:

  • Total number of COVID-19 cases in our 24/7 facilities as well as recoveries;
  • Positive cases within long-term care facilities and the number of inspections that have been completed at these LTCs;
  • The number of discharges of clients from our Aging and Long-Term Care and Developmental Disabilities administrations;
  • The number of public benefit applications our Economic Services Administration has received;
  • How many calls have called into our FAMHelp number powered by Washington 2-1-1 to get information on loved ones living in a long-term care setting either run or licensed by DSHS.

Child care resources available to families, including those who work in health care

As more cases of COVID-19 are diagnosed, more strain is put on the state’s health care system and more stringent social distancing measures are put in place, including prolonged school closures, the Department of Social and Health Services wants to be sure its employees and all Washington residents are aware of child care options available to them:

  • Child Care Aware is equipped to assist families in finding child care near their homes and/or workplaces. Visit the website or call 800-446-1114 to connect with a team that will help you search for alternative child care.
  • The state’s Families, Friends and Neighbor program includes grandparents, aunts and uncles, elders, older siblings, friends, neighbors and others who help families by providing child care. Visit the website or call 866-482-4325 for more information.
  • For staff members who work in a health care setting, school districts throughout the state have been working on a variety of child care options. This link takes you to a map of Washington with links to school district websites, which have information and options on child care for health care workers on a district-by-district basis.