Continuing Education Curriculum Developers

Training Requirements & Classes

Important Announcement: Continuing Education Curriculum   

  • No more than 24 class hours may be submitted per CE approval form (forms with more than 24 class hours will be returned).
  • Only one CE Application will be accepted at a time (additional CE forms will be returned).

This section is for:

  • Businesses wanting to get CE curriculum approved (including online CE courses) and do NOT intend to teach it.

If you want CE curriculum and instructors approved, apply as a training program – not a curriculum developer.  Go to the Main Training Page and click on your care setting for information on becoming a Training Program.

Table 1: First Time Applicants


Forms Needed

Step 1.  Apply to become a DSHS approved business offering CE curriculum

On-line curriculum must meet certain standards to be approved. Review the On-line Training Standards.

Step 2.  Submit the CE Approval form

CE Approval Form   Submit the form at least 45 days before you want to offer the CE(s) to LTC Worker Training Programs.

No more than 24 class hours of CE may be submitted at one time.

Step 3. Send in your forms to the department

All forms must be submitted at the same time for your application to be processed.  Please email a Microsoft file completed on your computer – not a PDF of the required forms.  with "CE Curriculum Developer Application" in the subject line.


Table 2: Updating Approved Curriculum Developers
Always download and use the most current version of forms


How This is Done

Form Needed

Step 1.  Notify DSHS of changes you plan on making

Fill out a CDA- CE Update form to notify DSHS of changes to your business or marketing information and/or when you want to get additional CE curriculum approved.  

CDA- CE Update form

Step 2.  Fill out a CE Approval form

Fill out and email in a CE Approval form if you will be adding any new CE curriculum.

 CE Approval form

Step 3.  Submit your changes to DSHS

Email the CDA- CE Update form with a completed CE Approval Form (if needed) to  


Include the words "CE Curriculum Developer UPDATE" as the subject line.