Roads to Community Living (RCL)

Helping People Living in Institutions Return to Their Community

Demonstration Project Introduction

Participating in the Project

The following information is for people who want to know more about participating in the Project.

Services Available to Participants Currently Living in a:

Who is Eligible to Enroll in the RCL Project?

To participate in Roads to Community Living, you must be living in a:

  • Hospital, nursing home, or Residential Habilitation Center (for participants with developmental disabilities) for a continuous stay of 60 days or longer.  Participants can be of any age in this category.

  • Psychiatric hospital for a continuous stay of 60 days or longer and be 21 years old or younger or 65+ years old.

You must also:

  • Be eligible for Medicaid 1 day prior to transitioning into the community.
  • Move to a qualified community setting. This may include:
    • A home you or a family member own or lease
    • Apartments with individual leases
    • An assisted living facility
    • An adult family home

 Who to Contact to Learn More About Enrolling for Participants Currently Living in a:

Want to Know More?

The following information provides detailed project information for stakeholders and service providers and may be of interest to project participants.

Becoming a Contracted Provider

The following information is for people interested in becoming a contracted provider for the Roads to Community Living Demonstration Project.