ODHH Brochures

ODHH Brochures

ODHH publishes various brochures to heighten public awareness about services available to them. You can download these brochures or request a copy to be mailed. Organizations can request stock quantities for it's brochure displays.

Our brochures are available in alternative formats.

Washington Relay Brochure TED - Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Brochure TED - Service Available for Clients with Speech Disabilities

This brochure explains about Telecommunications Relay Service, what it does, how it works, and the various services offered.

This brochure gives an overview of eligibility, application, specialized telecommunication equipment and training.
(DSHS 22-051)

This brochure explains how the specialized telecommunication equipment is available to people with speech disabilities. 
(DSHS 22-679)

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