ODHH Sign Language Interpreter Registration


Registration Update

To go ahead and start the registration process, please fill out the DSHS 09-653 Background Check Authorization Form.

Email the DSHS 09-653 Form to SignLanguageInterpreters@dshs.wa.gov using this information on your Subject Line: FY19 BCCU APP_LAST NAME.

When ODHH receives your Background Results, we will email you instructions on the NEXT step.

Sign Language Interpreters who have submitted an approved background application can check their status below. If you do not see your name, please follow up by emailing signlanguageinterpreter@dshs.wa.gov

ODHH is in the process of merging DSHS Form 03-374B Disclosure of Confidential Information with Health Care Authority requirements.

We hope this will help streamline the registration process and reduce the confusion.

Thank you in advance for your patience.