Sign Language Interpreter Contracts and Resources Program


Certified Sign Language Interpreters who wish to accept jobs under the Statewide Contract with Enterprise Services can register with ODHH anytime throughout the year.

Registration includes submitting a background application through DSHS and sending a copy of your initial certification to ODHH along with a head shot for your badge. Once you are approved, the agencies who have a Master Contract can book you. Each agency has their own business criteria, so please communicate with these agencies if you intend to work through them.

Please email a copy of your Certification and headshot to

Register if this is your first time.

Renew if you have previously registered.

If you are a new interpreter, you will need to submit a copy of your initial certification and a headshot for your badge to the SLICR Program email:

We are sending everyone new badges this year. If you want your headshot picture updated, please send it to the SLICR Program email.

If you have any questions about registering or renewing with ODHH or need assistance with the process, please contact the Sign Language Interpreter Contracts & Resources Program Manager, Berle Ross at or 360-339-4559.

In order to show your status, we will update the registration process every Friday here. Interpreters listed are from FY23 and are in alphabetical order.

Link to Excel.

Last updated: June 3, 2023      
Last name First Name Registration/Renewal Received Certification on file Approved or Pending
Abrams Lori      
Adams Tammy yes yes Pending
Alegria Alanna      
Allen Caroline      
Andersen Sandy      
Armentrout Rebecca      
Ashley-Creamer Patrice      
Austin Jennifer      
Azrelyant Irma      
Bahler Amber      
Bain Glenna      
Barreras Ronise      
Barrios Michael      
Bauer Mary yes yes Approved
Bazinet Paula      
Belo Ariele      
Belozovsky Arkady      
Benami Simcha      
Bergman Abby      
Berk Tamara      
Berkman Nicole      
Bishop Vanessa      
Blackburn- Tofstad Kim      
Bontrager Bernita      
Bookshnis Kristina      
Bouman Kimberly      
Bower Kasey      
Brown Hollie      
Brown Thadeus      
Bruce Jacqueline (Jackie)      
Brunson Kelly yes yes  Pending
Bunker Laurel yes yes Approved
Bush Crystal      
Butler Kam      
Camarata Christy      
Carlson Karen      
Carpentier Ellen      
Casseday Stephenie      
Cassell Lynne      
Castillo Dina Marie      
Cavallaro Ashley      
Cave Muffy      
Cespedes Rachel      
Christianson Jr James      
Cline Jacqueline      
Coates Donald      
Collins Natalie      
Colondres Hilda      
Conner Luanne      
Corra Shanta      
Cosentino Abel yes yes Approved
Crest Nivia      
Culpovich Cindy      
Dahl Christine      
Dahl Emily      
Davis Joel      
De Armas Jamie      
De Witt Katherine      
Del Vecchio Anne      
Deverin Kristin      
Diaz Ellen      
Dockter Terry      
Dominguez Rayford      
Doty Carol      
Duval Heather      
Edwards Teleasha yes no Pending
Everhart JoAnne      
Frost Tammy      
Fuller Michelle      
Fulwiler Grant      
Gemma Sara      
Glaser Paul      
Gonzalez Changer      
Graff Joey      
Gravier R Bobbi      
Griffin Erin      
Grundstein-Helvey Morgan      
Gullick Jack      
Hafer Sarah      
Hankinson Janelle      
Hansen Shelly      
Harris Amy      
Hazard Rachel      
Hecker-Cain Jane      
Hedrick Joni      
Herberger Elizabeth      
Hicks Bianca      
Hofstede Jill      
Hopkinson Gabrielle      
Howell Laurel      
Huitt Dana      
Huntsman Staci      
Ives Jolleen      
Jarnes Nohelani      
Jennings Kelly      
Jenssen Abby      
Jobe Christina      
Jones Colleen      
Jones Cori      
Jones Dora      
Jones Emily      
Keller Danielle      
Ker Charlotte      
Kinch Jarren      
Klindtworth Melissa      
Kosanovich Jane yes yes Approved
Kosanovich Michael yes yes Approved
Kozlowski Veronica      
Larimore Danielle      
LeMieux Darcie      
Lepore Veronica "Roni"      
Lester Jeanene      
Litzen Mary Clare      
Lonergan Carly      
Long Rena      
Lorenz Pamela      
Lunstrum Jody      
Lupson Kathi yes yes Approved
MacDougall Elizabeth      
Mackey Erin      
MacLean Polly yes yes Approved
Magoon Karen      
Maine Israel Allison      
Mannucci Valerie      
Mansell Karagiannis Anna      
Mariapain Carolyn      
Massena Marie      
Mathis Stephanie      
McClurkan Kimberly      
McGee Bobbie      
McGuire Molly      
Mciver Sierra      
McKenna Dawn      
McManus Tara      
McMillan Valerie      
Medlock Aaron      
Medlock Andrea      
Meyer Paula      
Miller Anne-Marie      
Morris Kathleen      
Morrison Daisy      
Morrison Dave yes yes Approved
Mroz Daniel      
Meunier Denis yes yes Approved
Musgrove Tiffany yes yes Approved
Newell Kendall      
Noble Suzanne      
Novsam Adam      
Nunn Summer      
Osborne Jahmeca      
Page Kimberly      
Parks Emily      
Parsons Angie      
Pease Amie      
Pell Laura      
Pelkey Austin yes no Pending
Perrin Allison      
Peterson Johnnie      
Philo-House Karen yes yes Approved
Pidkameny Andrew      
Piegdon Dawn      
Plecher John      
Putnam Shevonne yes yes Pending
Quinn Susan      
Quiroga Annette      
Quiroga Jeremy      
Radovich (Isabelle) Marisa      
Ramirez Juan      
Reed Michelle      
Reinhardt Laurie      
Riabinin Aleksandr      
Richards Tammera      
Riecks Kristin yes yes Approved
Rifkin Phyllis      
Riggs Angela      
Robinson Amber      
Robinson Beth      
Robinson Cody      
Robinson Jennifer      
Robison Kelly      
Rogers Buck yes yes Approved
Roley Amber      
Ropella Jessica      
Rosen Salwa      
Rosenlof Justine      
Roy Colleen      
Royea Karen yes yes Approved
Salley Alyssa      
Sanchez LaNae      
Sanders Billy      
Sanders Krystal yes yes Approved
Savidge Ellie      
Scheir Eric      
Schmitz Marc      
Seeley Michelle      
Serna Saamanta      
Shannon Robin      
Shannon Rogan      
Shaughnessy Eryn      
Shaw Melissa      
Sheets Lisa      
Shew Bronwynn      
Sinay Michelle      
Smith Samantha      
Smith Tracy      
Solovey Maria      
Spooner Mira      
Star Seven      
Stelzer-Dockter Cammi      
Stemkoski Breanna      
Stoddard Christine yes yes Approved
Stoll Renee Need to apply for FY 2024 yes  
Stone Annabelle      
Stratton Bethany yes   Pending
Stubbs Steven      
Summers Adam      
Taglialatela Doris      
Tapert Susan      
Thayer Colleen      
Thayer Damon      
Thomas Catherine yes yes Approved
Thomas Edwin      
Thomas Lisa      
Thompson Ginger      
Thornton Mary      
Traub Carolyn      
Vehlies Meaghan      
Wagner Ashley      
Walker Donna yes yes Approved
Walters Moira      
Watson Kaycee      
Weber Heidi      
Wein Stefie      
Welch Zachary      
White Heather      
Wick Topher yes yes Approved
Wilder Ashley yes yes Pending
Wilkes Amanda      
Williams Eloisa yes yes Approved
Williams Love Caryl      
Willow Cody      
Zappitello Britany