Social Services

Social Services

These contracted services are available through the Regional Service Centers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing located in seven offices throughout the State of Washington. The Regional Service Centers have Public Access Videophones. ODHH also provides similar services except case management and support service provider.

Case Management

Case managers work directly with clients who have a hearing loss and their families. Case managers work with other organizations to ensure services are available and accessible on behalf of clients in need of assistance or services.

Education & Training

Government agencies, nonprofit organizations and businesses can request free education and training opportunities to improve their accessibility to ensure effective communication with people who are deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind.

Information and Referral

Information and referrals to resources are available upon requests made by the general public.


Outreach increases public awareness about hearing loss and the available resources.

Support Service Provider (SSP)

SSPs are trained, paid sighted guides who provide visual and environmental information so that Deaf-Blind people can live independently.