Telecommunication Relay Services (TRS) – Voice Carry-over Feature (VCO)


VCO icon

Voice Carry-Over (VCO) allows deaf or hard of hearing users to speak directly to hearing people. When a standard telephone user speaks to you, a relay operator serves as your "ears" and types everything said to your TTY or VCO phone.



  • Dial the VCO number, 1-800-833-6386.
  • A relay operator will answer "WA RELAY OPR 9136 (F) NUMBER CALLING PLEASE?" GA. 9136 is a relay operator identification number, as each relay operator has his/her own identification number which is rotated on a scheduled basis. (F) or (M) is the gender of the relay operator. GA is "go ahead" which means it's your turn to speak/type.
  • Voice or type the area code and telephone number of the party you want to call.
  • The relay operator will type "VOICE NOW" as your cue to start speaking. You can speak directly to the person. The relay operator will not repeat what you say, but only type what the other person says back to you. You both will need to say "GA" at the end of your responses.


The relay operator types what the VCO user says to the TTY user. Whatever the TTY user types goes directly to the VCO user's TTY or text display equipment to be read.