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People with hearing loss who are oral and do not sign are often left out of the opportunity to socialize as their local community centers and senior centers are not “hearing friendly.” That is, they often lack the technology or fail to use even basic amplification of their programs where people who are hard of hearing might participate. There is one place where we know that people with hearing loss can be welcomed and know that their communication needs can be met. This would be a local HLAA chapter meeting.

Please read the “Top 10 Reasons to Join an HLAA Chapter”.  If you are interested in starting a local HLAA chapter or hearing loss support group in your area please contact and share your ideas. We’d love to hear from you.

This image is a resource by Kathleen Brockway posted on social media.

Deaf Awareness Week Did you know... Deaf Awareness Week was first established by Jerry Moers in 1972? It took place in Colorado with governor's proclamation. Now it went across the nation with week, month, and beyond! This image is the original first image.





A photo of a public videophone booth with top that says SVRS with hanging black curtains

Public Videophone
Available to Community Members
Outgoing Calls Only
9 am - 4 pm
Lobby Area
Blake West Building
4450 - 10th Ave. SE
Lacey, WA