ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type(desc) Letter Date Subject Status Notes
AFH 021-058 10/19/2021 Critical Care Staffing Management in LTC Settings Current
AFH 018-007 05/11/2018 Background Check System Project Current
AFH 022-024 06/10/2022 Alternatives to Temporary Barriers Used to Separate COVID Areas in LTC Settings Current
AFH 016-003 01/13/2016 Continuing Education (CE) Certificates Current
AFH 023-005 02/24/2023 CR-103P (Permanent Rules) Amending Chapters 388-112 (Residential Long-Term Care Services Training) and 388-71 (Home and Community Services and Programs) WAC Current
AFH 020-015 04/09/2020 Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioner (Chapter 70.15 RCW) Current
AFH 017-007 09/29/2017 Background Check: Interim Fingerprint Check Notification Current
AFH 021-038 07/02/2021 Philips Product Recall, including CPAP, Bilevel Pap, and Mechanical Ventilators Current
AFH 020-005 02/21/2020 Concerning 2019 Novel Coronavirus Illness (2019-nCOV) Superseded

Superseded by #007

AFH 020-019 04/30/2020 Minor or Simple Edits to Statements of Deficiencies Current
AFH 014-018 10/13/2014 Update: LTC Ombuds Access to Resident Information & Records Current
AFH 019-013 08/30/2019 Slopes on Landings in Adult Family Homes Current
AFH 022-017 04/22/2022 Medical Test Site Waiver Resource Information Current
AFH 022-053 11/28/2022 RCS Transition to Paperless Work - Use of Electronic Fax to Deliver Notice Current
AFH 022-003 01/19/2022 Temporary Delay of Some Medicaid CARE Assessments Current

Superseded by #020-011

AFH 020-025 06/03/2020 Introducing the Adult Family Home State Civil Penalty Reinvestment Program Current
AFH 018-008 05/11/2018 List of Notifiable Health Conditions Current
AFH 016-004 01/13/2016 CR 103 Filed: Final Amendments to Chapter 388-76 WAC Current
AFH 015-011 06/10/2015 Revised Background Check Authorization Form Current
AFH 021-049 09/03/2021 Governor Proclamation on Mandatory Vaccination Current
AFH 017-008 09/29/2017 Flu & Pneumonia Reminders Current
AFH 021-022 04/29/2021 Sources to Access Vaccines for Residents Current
AFH 021-064 11/18/2021 Emergency Rules Suspending TB Testing Current
AFH 018-012 08/21/2018 CR 102 Filed: Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-101 WAC (Group Training Homes) Current