ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type(desc) Letter Date Subject Status Notes
AFH 014-018 10/13/2014 Update: LTC Ombuds Access to Resident Information & Records Current
AFH 024-027 07/12/2024 Guidance for 911 Outages Current
AFH 022-006 02/04/2022 Update to DOH Admission Guidance Current
AFH 014-006 06/27/2014 Department Role Current
AFH 018-008 05/11/2018 List of Notifiable Health Conditions Current
AFH 015-011 06/10/2015 Revised Background Check Authorization Form Current
AFH 019-005 03/08/2019 Emergency Evacuation Drills – Refusal to Participate Current
AFH 013-006 05/15/2013 Emergency Supplies for Adult Family Homes: Use of Commercially Bottled Water Current
AFH 017-008 09/29/2017 Flu & Pneumonia Reminders Current
AFH 021-022 04/29/2021 Sources to Access Vaccines for Residents Current
AFH 018-012 08/21/2018 CR 102 Filed: Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-101 WAC (Group Training Homes) Current
AFH 019-010 08/02/2019 AFH Locator Expansion Current
AFH 020-047 09/29/2020 Informal Dispute Resolution AFH Project Completion Current
AFH 014-019 10/13/2014 Fostering a Culture of Dignity & Respect Current
AFH 022-050 11/09/2022 Hand Sanitizer Safety Current
AFH 021-028 05/14/2021 BYD DE2322 RESPIRATORS Current
AFH 015-005 04/20/2015 Use of Emergency Medical Services Superseded

See AFH 022-022

AFH 019-018 10/25/2019 Supplemental CR 102 Filed: Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-76 WAC (Corporate Structure) Current
AFH 014-007 07/17/2014 LTC Ombuds Access to Resident Information & Records Superseded

Replaced by 014-018

AFH 016-001 01/05/2016 Amendments to Chapter 388-76 WAC Current
AFH 020-011 04/21/2020 Revised Processes: Personal Protective Equipment Ordering and COVID-19 Testing Current

Revised 04-21-2020

AFH 013-007 05/15/2013 Safety Risk of Medical Devices Current
AFH 018-013 08/23/2018 CR 101 Filed to Propose Adding and Amending Sections to Chapter 388-76 WAC (TB Screening) Current
AFH 020-016 04/16/2020 Support if the Provider or Administrator Becomes Ill with COVID-19 Current