Statewide Master Contract

Department of Enterprise Services and the Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing have entered into a cooperative purchase agreement to provide statewide Sign Language Interpreter Services.

Please take a moment to read through the Master Contract before requesting/purchasing sign language interpreter services. It is important that you understand the request process and cancellation terms and conditions:

ODHH provides a snapshot of services available however the contract terms and conditions are through Department of Enterprise Services. Any contract disputes should be directed to DES.

ODHH offers an online interpreter scheduling system that allows data collection on fill rates and contract compliance monitoring. In order to use this online system, you must set up an account. The online system will reassign any requests that are not filled through the initial contractor. When you set up an account, you also select alternative contractors for this purpose. You do not need to fill out more than one request to send out to multiple contractors. When the first contractor selected reports that they can not fill the request, the system will automatically reassign the request to the next contractor on your account's list.

If your request for service is within the next 3 business days, we strongly encourage you to call the Contractor. Requests are required to be acknowledged within 2 business days, and last-minute requests are challenging to fill.

Requests must be canceled directly with the contractor within 2 business days. For an example, an appointment on Tuesday at 10:00 am must be canceled on Thursday before 10 am to avoid being billed.

Below is a list of Sign Language Interpreter Referral Agencies and Independent Contractors.


Service Region



Conner, Luanne Southwest

Fax: 360-258-3140

Master Contract

Hansen, Shelly

South Central


Master Contract
Kosanovich, Jane Northwest


Master Contract
Kosanovich, Michael Northwest


Master Contract
MacLean, Polly Northwest


Master Contract
Walker, Donna Eastern


Master Contract



    Service Region                

Contact Information

Booking Fee


A2Z Eastern

(509) 596-6922

$54.85 Master Contract
All Hands Community Interpreter Services Statewide

(360) 897-8300
Fax: 360-897-8302

$45.00 Master Contract
ASL Professionals Statewide

(253) 759-7653
Fax: 509-471-1220

$50.00 Master Contract
DeafBlind Service Center (DBSC) Statewide

(VP) (206) 580-0795

(206) 323-9178

as of 6/2022
Master Contract
DIVAs dba ASLI interpreting solutions Olympic

(360) 489-2168

$50.00 Master Contract
TERP Sign Language Services Northwest

(425) 687-0413

$30.00 Master Contract
THAT! (TISDDB) Statewide

(516) 506-0058
Fax: 516-640-5016

$60.00 Master Contract
Universal Language Services Statewide

(425) 454-8072

$58.00 Master Contract