Aging and Long-Term Support Administration

FamHelp - COVID-19 Resources for Family and Friends

FamHelp - COVID-19 Resources for family and friends

Use our FamHelp page to check on your loved one with our Facility Location and Visitor Status Finder.  This page also hosts resources for the deaf and hard of hearing, and other current information about the COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19 Resources for Providers and Long-Term Care Workers

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See our Professional and Provider resources for ALTSA Provider/Administrator letters, PPE guidance, CMS waivers, and other information of note.

ALTSA Offices Closed to Public, Services Remain Available Statewide.

Blake Office Park Employee Emergency Line: 360-725-2301
Office Closures

In response to COVID-19, Adult Protective Services office lobbies, Residential Care Services office lobbies and Home and Community Services office lobbies are currently closed.

Services are still available across all ALTSA offices in the state. Staff are still working in all offices or teleworking. Clients will continue to receive needed services and may reach ALTSA staff by phone during regular business hours. Visitors to office locations will be instructed to call us via signage posted to all main office doors.

When offices re-open to the public, any visitor to DSHS offices must complete a self-screening process.  The visitor must attest that they do not have symptoms of COVID-19 and must sign a screening log prior to entry.