Clinical Tools

Below is a list of commonly used tools and information on processes related to SBIRT.

What is a standard drink?

This information sheet will help you explain to patients' standard drinks, low risk drinking limits, and ways that alcohol can affect your health.  You will also find links to marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, and prescription opioid misuse fact sheets that can be useful

SBIRT Implementation Guidelines (.docx)

Find Information on what you should do before implementing SBIRT in your clinic using the WASBIRT-PCI Implementation Guide.

The Step-by-Step Guide for SBIRT implementation developed by the Massachusetts SBIRT Initiative is another great tool for learning more about SBIRT implementation.

Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention: A Guide for Public Health Practitioners. Developed by the American Public Health Association.

Brief Interventions

This will provide you more information on the four steps of a brief intervention, as well as links to more resources on the Brief Negotiated Interview.

Referrals to Treatment

Learn more about what the referral to treatment for SBIRT is about.  Find release of information forms that can be tailored to meet your clinics needs.

Motivational Interviewing

This will provide you more information on motivational interviewing, as well as links to more resources on motivational interviewing.

Clinic Posters and Fact Sheets

Get posters to hang in your clinic that normalize alcohol and drug screening. You can also find posters with quick facts about alcohol, marijuana, and prescription opioid misuse to put in patient rooms. There are also one page handouts on alcohol, marijuana, heroin, prescription opioid misuse, and methamphetamine that can be used when talking with patients about the risks of using substances.


Find more resources by NIAAA and NIDA that may help your clinicians conduct brief interventions and talk with your patients about alcohol or drug use.  You will also find additional resources to assist with implementing SBIRT in your clinic and information on health care reform.

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