Complaint and Incident Management

Types of Complaints and Who to Contact



For complaints or concerns about the services of a DBHR- behavioral health facility, contact Julie Marshall, DBHR Complaint Manager at 360-725-3708 or .


Serious and emergent incidents are defined as a death, serious injury, or assault at a DSHS-certified facility; an escape or unauthorized leave of a violent or mentally ill offender; client abuse or neglect by a DSHS employee, volunteer, contractor or client; or a natural disaster, bomb threat, burglary or theft that could threaten client safety or confidentiality.

To report an incident about a DBHR-behavioral health facility, contact Steve Cazel, DBHR Incident Manager at 360-725-3706 or

Fraud and Abuse

Fraud and abuse are specific complaints or incidents about such things as service billing irregularities, coding that misrepresents the services provided (or not provided), instances of theft or embezzlement, conflicts of interest, provider self-referrals or ‘kickbacks’, or any other conduct that may be a violation of law or ethics. Your call or email is confidential. You can seek advice about your own situation as well as report suspected violations by others.

If you have questions or concerns about these issues, or want to report an instance of fraud or abuse, contact DBHR’s Compliance Manager, Pedro Garcia, at 360-725-2380 or