Designated Mental Health Professionals

Involuntary Treatment Act Resources for Designated Mental Health Professionals 

In 2005 the Washington State Legislature changed the name of County Designated Mental Health Professional (CDMHP) to Designated Mental Health Professional (DMHP). Chapter 503, Laws of 2005 (ESSHB 1290).  Here is a  list of DMHP Contacts in Washington.

HB 1713 Implementation: Involuntary Treatment Integration

Overview and Progress

October 2017 update

Model Documents and Forms for DMHPs

The Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR) is providing these model documents to assist DMHPs in their implementation of the Involuntary Treatment Acts (ITA) - RCW 71.05 & RCW 71.34. They were written and reviewed by experienced DMHPs and attorneys active in the ITA practice, and include many features to assist both DMHPs and persons in the judicial system.   DMHPs are not required to use these model documents.  It is good practice to have new documents that will be submitted to the courts reviewed by your legal representative.

DMHP Protocols 

The Designated Mental Health Professionals Protocols  provide guidelines on the process for administering the Involuntary Treatment Act for:

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