Family Youth and System Partner Round Tables - FYSPRTs

Statewide FYSPRTs

Mission: The Washington State Family, Youth and System Partner Round Tables provide a forum for families, youth, systems, and communities to strengthen sustainable resources by providing community-based approaches to address the individual behavioral health needs of children, youth and families.

Vision: Through respectful partnerships, families, youth, systems and communities collaborate, influence, and provide leadership to address challenges and barriers by promoting cohesive behavioral health services for children, youth and families in Washington State.

The FYSPRTs serve as an integral part of the Children’s Mental Health Governance Structure that was adopted within the T.R. et al. v. Kevin Quigley and Dorothy Teeter Settlement Agreement and informs and provides oversight for high-level policy-making, program planning, decision-making, and for the implementation of this Agreement, including the implementation of Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe).  

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