Pre-admission Screening and Resident Review

What Is PASRR?

Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) is required by the federal government and the state before someone is admitted to a Medicaid-certified facility. People are screened to determine if they:

  • Have a serious mental illness or an intellectual disability.
  • Are being admitted to the appropriate level of care.
  • Need specialized services, or less intensive services.

Video Training:    King County evaluator discusses the Level I and Level II from the Washington State Mental Health Division of PASRR.

See the Quick Reference Guide for additional information.

How do I find a PASRR Evaluator?

The DSHS Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery contracts with PASRR evaluators. Evaluators must pass a background check and meet education and training requirements before they can perform evaluations. The following are DBHR contractors who provide evaluations:

MH Contractors by County

PASRR evaluators for individuals with intellectual disabilities and related conditions (DDA)

Other Information

For more information about PASRR, contact:

Debra Hoeman, PASRR Program Manager

Maureen Craig, PASRR Administrative Assistant