RecoveryLibrary is offered free of charge as part of DBHR’s Early Psychosis Initiative. Read more and find out how your agency can benefit from the many resources offered through RecoveryLibrary.

What actions do we need from you to access this powerful resource?

1.   Identifying a point of contact within your agency

This person will:

  • Manage their agency’s RecoveryLibrary membership
  • Identify key agency staff who will benefit from an account
  • Enroll these key staff in RecoveryLibrary    
  • Encouraging staff to sign-up for the quarterly RecoveryLibrary webinar for members of an organization, so they can make the most of their membership

2.   Send the information below to:

  • Agency Name:
  • RecoveryLibrary Managers Name:
  • Manager’s email address:
  • Managers job title

What is RecoveryLibrary?

RecoveryLibrary is an online resource for those who want to pursue recovery and wellness, and for those who want to help others achieve it. Under the leadership of Patricia E. Deegan, PhD, the library was designed to bring the hope, the tools, and the inspiration for recovery to all. 

RecoveryLibrary addresses a variety of mental health, wellness, and addiction recovery topics. It features thousands of multi-media resources designed to enhance client engagement and support client choice in treatment. RecoveryLibrary is optimized to work on computers and tablets.  All of our resources are reviewed and vetted by our team and are free of advertising.

How do we use RecoveryLibrary?

Providers use RecoveryLibrary to access helpful resources on-demand, in real-time. For example, in a community-based program, agency staff might access RecoveryLibrary while in the field via an iPad.  RecoveryLibrary would be a resource in their toolbox and would enable staff and the client to, for example: watch a video, complete a worksheet, or use a card together. In an inpatient program setting, RecoveryLibrary might be used to create topical curricula for groups or to support a specific need during a one-on-one session.

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