The Treatment and Assessment Report Generation Tool (TARGET) is a web-based management and reporting system for client services provided by approximately 525 reporting agencies throughout the state. Users include county governments, tribes, and non-profit organizations that provide DBHR client services.

Systems Information

  • An overview (in MS Word format) of the TARGET system
  • Release of Info - This form is for clients to authorize confidential information of mental health and alcohol or drug treatment from DOC


NOTE: This information is intended for authorized users of the TARGET System. It is current as of the publication date of each document.


Help with choosing the correct modality/contract type/fund source/special project codes.

Enumerates and explains fields in each of the tables within the TARGET database.

Accessing TARGET 2000 How to access the TARGET System.
User Instructions How to use the TARGET System.
Report Manual How to run reports in TARGET.
MCTF's Modality, Contract, Funding TARGET Matrix.
South Oaks Gambling Screening To determine a client's level of gambling addiction.
Transact Service Application rejection What to do if registration for Target2000 is rejected at TRANSACT Washington