Parents / Guardians Information

CSTC welcomes parents and guardians and encourages them to be actively involve in their child's treatment.  Each cottage has a master's level social worker, trained to help families understand the treatment program, support their involvement and plan throughout the child's stay, particularly how to prepare for a successful discharge.  In addition to family therapy, many parents and guardians take advantage of the twice-monthly Multiple Family Group Treatment - MFGT meetings where medical and counseling staff conduct informative programs and valuable parent-to-parent support is available.   With the help of parents and parent advocates, CSTC developed a Parent Orientation Manual "Bridging the Gap" to help parents and natural supports better understand the program.  The manual contains tips and insights, frequently asked questions as well as family support group information.  Treatments and protocols may  be updated over the years, therefore some of the descriptions provided should be viewed as examples.  The most current information and the specifics of a patient's treatment plan is best described by the cottage Program Director and treatment team.

While at CSTC each child will be provided with the knowledge, tools, training, experience and opportunity to learn about his or her challenges and how to minimize the adverse impact on their life and the lives of others. Your child will not be "cured" but he or she should be noticeably better. You and the rest of your family will have the opportunity to benefit from on campus and off campus training and support groups. When your child returns home your safety concerns should be reduced.


Multiple Family Group Treatment - MFGT

Orientation Information

Visiting Information

Parents/Legal Guardian Grievances


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