Directory of Certified Chemical Dependency Services in Washington State

The Directories below include chemical dependency treatment agencies certified by the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR).  Certified agencies are listed alphabetically within each county.  Newly certified agencies will be added to the next update.

Agencies which provide treatment services for people covered by Apple Health/Medicaid are marked with an asterisk.

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  • DBHR Office of Program Services Field Staff [PDF]
  • Index (alpha listing of all agencies) [PDF]

Appendices: Chemical dependency-related information and some non-certified or contracted agencies.

A County Alcohol & Drug Coordinators and County Prevention and Treatment Specialists [PDF]

B Information and Referral (Help-Line, Legal Action Center, DOH-CDPs, & other state #s)[PDF]

C CD Professional Associations of Washington State [PDF]

D Transitional Support Services for Pregnant/Postpartum Women (Contracted)  [PDF]

E Residential Services - Women and Children (Contracted) [PDF]

F Hospitals Providing Inpatient Care to (CUP) Women (Certified) [PDF]

H Washington State Oxford Houses [PDF]

Involuntary Committal Information [PDF]

J Youth Outpatient County Contractors [PDF]

K Youth Residential Contractors [PDF]

L Community College/University Chemical Dependency Programs [PDF]

M Adult and Youth Drug Courts [PDF] 

N Native American Treatment & Prevention Providers [PDF]

O DBHR Certified Detoxification Facilities [PDF]

P Prevention Providers [PDF]

Q Opiate Substitution Treatment Programs (Methadone Programs) [PDF]

S Problem Gambling Treatment Agencies [PDF]

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How do I get a print copy of the directory?

To support the Governor's Executive Order on sustainable practices, the directory is only available online.