Notification of Rule Changes

The Economic Services Administration (ESA) Community Services Division (CSD) provides periodic newsletters and bulletins about our activities.  You can subscribe to any or all of these by going to and entering your email address.  Once you submit your email address, you’ll see a list of these newsletters and bulletins and you can choose which ones you want to subscribe to.  Please note: Your privacy is important to us.  Your email will not be shared and you can unsubscribe to any of these at any time.

Community Services Division (CSD)

Draft Rule (WAC) Changes – When State or Federal law changes, we update the Washington Administrative Code (WACs).  Drafts of the changes are available for your comments and ideas.  Your ideas matter to us.

Rule (WAC) Filings – When we update the Washington Administrative Code (WACs), they are published by the Code Revisers Office but we can send these directly to you.  You’ll find CR-101s (notice of an intent to change a rule), CR-102s (drafts of our changes) and CR-103s (notice that the change is being implemented).