Tribal Minors

  1. Collaboration is critical between DSHS and the Tribes regarding pregnant and parenting minors who are tribal members. While the Office of the Attorney General has determined that the Department makes the ultimate decision in determining the appropriateness of a tribal minor’s living arrangement, the Department will include the Tribe in the decision-making process.
  2. Work with the local Tribes to develop an acceptable process for conducting teen living assessments, including how changes in circumstances and case updates will be communicated.
  3. It is very important that Tribes are contacted immediately and included when dealing with minor tribal members. The process should meet the following requirements:
    1. The CSO administrator and/or Social Service supervisor will meet with local Tribal government to ensure the opportunity for involvement and consultation is followed in accordance with the Administrative Policy 7.01 American Indian Policy.
    2. Develop specific protocols to establish how the CSO and Tribe will work cooperatively in providing services to Indian minor parents.