14232. Special Instructions

  1. Offices will establish local instructions to utilize courier mail as provided in their area.
  2. Unique Shipping Instructions
    1. Usage-Offices may establish other shipping arrangements as necessary and approved by the business office. A separate account will be established for this purpose.
    2. Additional Instructions
      1. CA offices need to contact United Parcel Service (UPS) or Federal Express (FedEx) for specific details regarding establishing a UPS or FedEx account, rates, pick-up/delivery times, etc.
      2. Some offices have a UPS account specifically for shipping case records to the Records Reference Center. This account is not to be used for any other reason. A separate account must be established for unusual situations.
      3. Shipping invoices are obtained from UPS.
    3. United States Postal Service (USPS)
      1. Usage - USPS can be used for all mail not sent by courier or other means.
      2. Special Instructions
        1. The following forms can be obtained from the local post office:
          • PS Form 3533 - Application and Voucher for Refund of Postage and Fees;
          • PS Form 3602-A - USPS Daily Record of Meter Register Readings;
          • PS Form 3800 - Receipt for Certified Mail; and
          • PS Form 3811 - Return Receipt.
        2. Offices contact the local Postmaster for additional information; e.g., rates, delivery/pick-up schedules, etc.
  3. General Instructions
    1. General Mail - Outgoing mail to be sent via USPS is to be prepared as described in the USPS publications Addressing for Success and Postal Addressing Standards.
    2. Client Case Records - Regardless of mail services, support staff use the following procedures for mailing client case records to ensure protection of confidentiality and record content.
      1. Use a Tyvek envelope or a suitable box.
      2. Wrap the envelope/box as appropriate to keep contents from shifting and/or splitting open.
      3. Mark the package "Confidential."
      4. If the shipping method is to be USPS, utilize the certified mail service without return receipt to assure a method of tracking the shipment in case of loss.
    3. Addressing
      1. All first class mail is to be addressed following the guidelines in the USPS publications Addressing for Success and Postal Addressing Standards.
      2. Mailing Address
        1. Courier Mail - Use the complete/correct mail stop. For courier mail, this is the only address needed.
        2. UPS - Use the street address rather than the Post Office. Box on UPS mail.
        3. USPS - Address as advised in Addressing for Success brochure.
      3. Return Address- Inter-Office Mail Envelopes (Courier Mail)
        1. Ensure the enclose material clearly identifies the sender and the sender's return address or attach a completed Routing Slip, DSHS 1-32, to provide sender information.
    4. Specially Shipped Packages
      1. Prepare packages as necessary utilizing proper packaging and addressing methods.
      2. Maintain an invoice shipping copy for account charge reconciliation and payment.
    5. USPS Mail
      1. Certified Mail
        1. Complete and attach Receipt for Certified Mail, PS Form 3800.
        2. Complete and attach Return Receipt, PS Form 3811, when needed. Ensure the return address is stamped/written on the back of PS Form 3811.
        3. Enter each certified item in a certified mail log.
      2. Postage Stamping
        1. Daily, prior to running the mail, change postage meter date and check moistener and ink supplies for adequacy to produce clear legible marking.
        2. Affix correct postage to items to be mailed.
        3. Separate mail as required by the local Post Office and band groups together.