43101. Assessment and Learning Plan


Youth receive the resources, tools and services to develop the life skills required to become self-sufficient adults.


RCW 74.13.031 (14) - Provide Independent Living Services to Youth

RCW 74.13.540 - Independent Living Services

WAC 388-147-0190 What Independent Living Skills May be Offered?

PL 106-169 John H. Chafee Foster Care Independent Living Act


  1. All youth 15 and older who are in out-of-home care for more than 30 days must receive the Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment (ACLSA) and Learning Plan (LP) annually.
  2. All Independent Living (IL) services provided to youth must be documented in FamLink on the National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) tab on the IL page.Note: Permanency planning continues for youth regardless of age, including efforts towards adoption.


  1. Inform youth and their caregivers of the ILS services available beginning at age 15.
  2. Assist youth with completing the Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment (ACLSA) and developing a culturally appropriate Learning Plan (LP). You will find this tool at http://caseylifeskills.force.com/.
  3. Coordinate the development of the LP with the local school district for any youth age 16 and older receiving special education services.
  4. Assist youth to update their ACLSA and LP, at least annually.
  5. Document the ACLSA, LP, services provided and youth's progress in the youth's electronic case file under the IL page. Create the document titled: "Independent Living Youth Learning Plan and Progress Report" to attach to the youth's report to the court.
  6. Provide life skill development training on parenting to pregnant or parenting teens.
  7. Discuss with youth at age 17 the importance of the Youth Survey and provide youth the website link to take the survey.
  8. Document all services and Youth Survey discussions provided to the youth in FamLink under the NYTD section of the IL page.

Forms and Tools

  • DSHS 15-353 - Independent Living Services Referral
  • DSHS 15-386 - Independent Living Youth Learning Plan and Progress Report
  • Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment (ACLSA) and Learning Plan (LP) can be located at http://caseylifeskills.force.com/


  • Q & A for National Youth in Transition Database
  • Youth prior to their eighteenth birthday may be eligible for up to $500.00 to help attain their IL goals.
  • Contracted IL services may be available to assist youth in the completion of the Assessment and LP. Contact your local office IL Coordinator to see if this service is available to your youth.
  • Youth may receive services (including the ACLSA and LP) from contracted IL Services. If youth is participating in contracted IL services, make sure you receive documentation from IL provider that youth completed the ACLSA and developed a Learning Plan.