4501. Case Management

Service Definition

Case management includes providing continuous assessment of child safety, an assessment for eligibility for services, family conflict or placement, developing permanency plans, advocating for families in brokering services, ensuring that families understand how to access services, monitoring the progress of services/permanency plans, and making recommendations to juvenile courts and other reviewing bodies about the case plan and completing administrative requirements.


Each family opened for DCFS services shall have an assigned DCFS social worker.

Procedures for Access

  1. Social workers refer families for case management by following established CPS, FRS, and CWS intake procedures.
  2. Social workers are assigned by a local office supervisor following intake.
    1. The entry point for case assignment for CPS is a referral alleging abuse and/or neglect. See chapter 2000.
    2. For FRS the entry point is a family's request for services to resolve family conflict. See chapter 3000.
    3. The entry point for CWS is a family's request. See chapter 4000; sections 4100 and 4200.

Other Sources

Case management services may be available through mental health, DDD, private child placing agencies, and schools in some communities.