Family Support and Related Services

Important Update:
March 13, 2013 - The RFP for Family Support and Related Services was rescinded on March 13, 2013. Children's Administration anticipates reissuing this procurement no later than December 31, 2013. For more information, read the letter from the Assistant Secretary (PDF).

Family Support and Related Services are the services and supports provided to families to keep children and youth safely at home and to more quickly achieve safe reunification or other permanency when children and youth must be placed away from their parents. Beginning December 2013, these services will be provided to families through network administrators under performance based contracts.

The creation of the network administrators' contracts for Family Support and Related Services is intended to improve child safety, child permanency, including reunification, and child well-being outcomes through the collaborative efforts of the department and contracted service providers, while supporting and complying with the state and federal Indian Child Welfare Acts. It is also intended to reform the delivery of services to children and families through creation of a flexible, accountable community-based system of care that utilizes performance-based contracting, maximizes the use of evidence-based, research-based, and promising practices, and expands the capacity of community-based agencies to leverage local funding and other resources to benefit children and families served by the department.

Categories of Family Support and Related Services must be identified by the Children's Administration (CA) by July 15, 2012. To assist in identifying these categories of service, CA is receiving input from CA caseworkers, Tribal representatives, parents formerly involved in the child welfare system, youth currently or previously in foster care, the exclusive employee bargaining representative (Washington Federation of State Employees), child welfare researchers, Washington State Institute for Public Policy, and other child welfare partners.

Children's Administration will use this input to identify the services and concrete resources families need to:

  • Reduce the likelihood of abuse and neglect
  • Keep their children safely at home
  • Promote permanency more quickly, including facilitating and maintaining safe reunification

The clear description of what families most need, identification of how those services and resources will be administered and increased accountability will help us keep children safely at home, and if children are in out of home care, will help us safely return them to their families quickly.

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