Behavioral Strategies


  • Behavioral Challenges in Foster Care with Gary Benton. Learn about handling challenging behaviors in children. (YouTube 59 min)
  • Behavior Management ages 11-18 (Part 1Part 2Part 3) with Wendy Warman,MSW.) This video deals with behaviors of children experiencing emotional distress. (YouTube 2 hrs 27 min.)
  • De-escalation Techniques in Foster Care with Gary Benton. In this workshop, Gary Benton helps us to develop skills to bring the tension down with children in care. (YouTube 59 min.)
  • Trauma and Children (Part 1Part 2) with Ross Dawson, MSW and Dr. Harry Kramer. Learn about trauma and how it effects children, especially in the post 9/11 era. (YouTube 1 hr 25 min.)



Fosterparentscope Training - The Dope on Drugs

  • The Dope on Drugs contains interactive training information to help parents learn about illegal drugs, their effects, and how to help children who are using these drugs.


  • Developmental Disabilities Administration - Provides residential services, day services and support services for clients with developmental and intellectual disabilities. It offers a continuum of supports through a safe, high-quality array of home, employment, community and facility-based residential services on a $1.08 billion annual budget.
  • Fosterparentscope Training - An interactive training site for fun and easy learning on child development and child rearing.
  • ZERO TO THREE - On Your Lap, In Your heart - designed especially for grandparents and grandparent-headed families of children aged birth to three.