Substance Abuse


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Fetal Alcohol Related Conditions (Session 1 part 1Session 1 part 2Session 1 part 3 | Session 2 part 1,Session 2 part 2Session 2 part 3) with Carolyn Hartness and Julie Gelo. Learn how to structure your home to accommodate the needs of children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. (YouTube 4 hrs 30 min)

Although this presentation was developed for use in Pierce County, Washington, it contains information that can be used in all areas that have a methamphetamine problem.


The Dope on Drugs (Fosterparentscope Training)
The Dope on Drugs contains interactive training information to help parents learn about illegal drugs, their effects, and how to help children who are using these drugs.


Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery - Promotes strategies that support healthy lifestyles by preventing the misuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and support recovery from the disease of chemical dependency.

Washington State Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Diagnostic and Prevention Network (FASDPN) - Focuses on screening, diagnosis, and prevention of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Their core clinic is housed at the University of Washington. Six other community-based diagnostic clinics are located in Pierce, Snohomish, Spokane, south King, Whitman and Yakima counties. These clinics provide training and diagnostic tools to fight FAS.