Training Requirements

Training Catalog

The Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence offers training to foster parents and caregivers throughout the year.

Classes are free of charge and are often held on weeknights and weekends to fit your busy schedule.

The Alliance course schedule can be found on the Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence website.

Information for Foster Parents on the Required Training Hours

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Guardians of dependent children and kinship families are welcome to attend all classes, free of charge, whether or not you are licensed.

Orientation and Pre-Service Caregiver Core Training

To become a licensed foster parent, you must complete the following training requirements:

  • Orientation - There are two ways you can complete orientation:
    • In-Person Orientation - Attend an orientation session in person where the application process is reviewed and you have the opportunity to ask questions. You are encouraged to attend this in-person orientation.
    • Online Orientation

This orientation provides the information you need to apply for a home study with Children's Administration. While you can complete orientation online, the in-person orientations at your local office offer an opportunity to ask questions. Use the map above to find a local orientation.

Home studies are required for:

  • Foster home licenses
  • Adoption of legally free children in the custody of CA
  • Placement of a relative child who is in involved with CA's Child Protective Services or Voluntary Services

The online orientation has 4 parts:

1. Watch these videos:

2. Download these forms/resources:

If you want to be licensed, add these forms:

If you are a relative who does not want to be licensed, add this form:

3. View the presentation to learn about the foster care licensing process, licensing regulations, and the required forms. Then print off the certificate at the end of the presentation and present it to your licensor to receive credit for completing orientation. Feel free to print the presentation to refer back to it at a later date. Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent!

4. Call a Children's Administration Division of Licensed Resources (DLR) home study worker at your local office to review your forms if you are applying with Children's Administration. While you may submit an application at any time, Orientation and Pre-Service Caregiver Core Training may help you determine if fostering is the right fit for your family. If you are applying with a private agency, contact that agency.

Caregiver Continuing Education and Ongoing Training

All licensed family foster homes (including private agency, Children's Administration and licensed relative homes) are required to complete ongoing training during each three year licensing period.

Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence provides ongoing support once you accept a child into your home. To help you meet your ongoing training requirements, they offer classes on many subjects, such as mental health, child management and transitioning to independence. If you previously came to this website for training videos, they are still accessible on the Alliance's website.