Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities

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Child fatality reviews provide pathways to improvements to the child welfare system

Any death of a child is tragic. A child's death is more troubling when that child has been served by DSHS's Children's Administration (CA), and even more so when the death is due to child abuse or neglect at the hands of an adult entrusted to care for that child.

When such a tragedy occurs, CA takes a formal, critical look at our own work with a Child Fatality Review. Review team members include community representatives as well as CA specialists who have not worked with the family. The review team carefully examines our practice, policies, and relationships with service providers and community professionals and creates a report published on this website (see the links within the Child Fatality Reports box on this page). Results of these careful examinations, along with consultation with our tribal partners, the Office of the Ombuds, our advisory groups and federal reviews, are used to improve our practice.

CA relies on families and communities to partner with us to protect and care for Washington's children. Please call 1-866-ENDHARM (1-866-363-4276) to report all suspected child abuse or neglect. For more information about reporting abuse or neglect of a child, visit the child abuse and neglect web site.

Child Fatality Reports
Child Fatality Reports
Child Fatalities in Washington State, 2011-2015