Workload Study November 2007

The Department of Social and Health Services contracted with an independent national expert on workload studies to determine how CA staff, who provide services to children and families, spend their time and the nature of the activities they perform.

The study shows that staff are working hard to keep children safe and provide for their ongoing needs, but still find it difficult to accomplish all the case-related work required by federal and state laws, policies, and good practice.

The workload study is a tool, not an answer or an end result. We are learning how to use it and how to interpret the data from it. It can help us not only size, but explore the gap between current resources and resources needed.

The Workload Study document available here is an abbreviated version of the Washington State Children's Administration Workload Study. It contains Volumes 1, Executive Summary and Workload Study Report and Volume 2, Methodology, of the full report but excludes attachments and appendices. If you are interested in obtaining copies of the referenced attachments and appendices, please contact Ginny Heim from the Children's Administration

Summary Report (narrative only, no data books or attachments)

Report to the Legislature