DDA Specialty Training Calendar

The newly revised Developmental Disability Specialty Training is a 16-hour training for new employees supporting individuals with developmental disabilities in Adult Family Homes and Assisted Living settings.  The revised 16-hour training begins October 1, 2017.  Successful completion of this class fulfills the WAC requirements regarding AFH WAC .  NOTE: The new total 16-hour training is delivered both online and an in-person class.

Participants accomplish finishing the 16-hour training in this way:

  • Complete the four hour online training before attending the in-person class, and then;
  • Attend the in-person class for two days (12 hours); 
  • Access to the online training (website and password) is given when you register for the DDA Specialty Training 

The following topics are covered in the online modules and during the in-person class. Required competency testing is included during the in-person class.

  • Overview of Developmental Disabilities
  • Values of Service Deliver
  • Effective Communication
  • Introduction to Interactive Planning
  • Understanding Behavior
  • Crisis Intervention and Prevention
  • Overview of Legal Issues and Individual Rights