Independent Living Services


Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRP/IL) Contracts – 

Announcing Open Enrollment for CRP-IL Vendors (PDF)
Enrollment Opens: February 28, 2020
Enrollment Closes: June 1, 2020

Solicitation #2020-0001


Fillable Exhibits for Solicitation #2020-0001


Exhibit A Applicant Checklist (PDF)

Exhibit B Applicant Certification and Assurances Form (Word)

Exhibit C Contractor Intake Form (DSHS 27-043) (Word)

Exhibit D Additional Contractor Information Form (DSHS 27-145) (Word)

Exhibit E Statewide Payee Registration & W-9 (PDF)

Exhibit F Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice (DSHS 05-252) (Word)

Exhibit G DSHS BCS Access Request Form (DSHS 17-253) (Word)

Exhibit H Contractor Designated Contacts Form (DSHS 17-266) (Word)

Exhibit I CRP Services and Qualifications Form (Word)

Exhibit J IL Services & Qualifications Form (includes fee schedule) (Word)

Exhibit K Employees Approved to Provide IL Services (Word)

Exhibit L, CRP-IL Fee Schedule (effective 11/1/2020) (PDF)

Exhibit M Bidder QA (PDF)


Through Client Service contracts, DVR purchases Independent Living (IL) Services for customers with IL related barriers to employment. The IL contracts typically begin October 1 for a two-year term ending September 30.

IL Client Service contracts are uniformly defined statewide and include:

  • Services
  • Fees set by DVR

Contractors are required to complete a Request for Qualifications/Quotations (RFQQ) to receive a DVR IL contract. The RFQQ indicates the requirements a Contractor must meet to be granted a contract.

Potential Contractors must provide a resume and educational transcripts for each staff person seeking to provide IL services under the DVR IL Client Service contract.

If you have any questions please contact the Contracts Unit or call (360)725-3652.

Agreement on Nondisclosure of Confidential Information – Non Employee (PDF)

Current list of IL Contractors by county (PDF)

Contractor Update (PDF)

Independent Living Service Delivery Outcome Report (Word)

CRP-IL Fee Schedule- Effective 11/1/2020 (PDF)