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Feb 01 2016

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DEL Clarifying Information (published February 1, 2017)

WAC 170-290-0003

Jury Duty is considered to be ‘employment’ under these definitions.

WAC 170-290-0045

Subsidized Employment

Subsidized employment can include:

  • Working in a federal or state paid work study program; or
  • VISTA volunteers, AmeriCorps, Job Corps and Washington Service Corps (WSC) if the income is taxed.


Paid work study, internships and practicums count as employment.

In-Kind Activities

Unless consumer receives taxable and reported compensation for in-kind activity, this does not count as approved work activity.

Volunteer Activities

Non-TANF consumers of WCCC may not receive child care benefits for volunteer or community services activities.


An internship related to the consumer’s approved, vocational education activity is considered to be required class time.

Working under the Table

If the activity meets the definition of employment or work, as described in WAC 170-290-0003, then the activity is considered to be an approvable activity. We do not monitor if the activity has been or will be reported to the IRS nor taxes paid.

Jury Duty is considered to be ‘employment’ and is an approved activity.

Additional Information

What qualifies as employment for program purposes?

The following can be counted as employment:
  • Unsubsidized employment
  • Employment in seasonal agricultural work (Seasonal Child Care).
  • Paid work study, internships, and practicums
  • Subsidized employment
  • Self-employment

What verification is needed for employment?

The client must provide;
  • The employer’s
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone number
  • The client’s
    • Start date
    • Work schedule *
    • Gross income

* Schedule is not needed to determine if a client is eligible, but is needed to determine how much care can be authorized.

Click here for more information on schedule verification.

Click here for more information on income verification.