Transitional Cash Assistance (TCA)

Created on: 
Jul 01 2022

What is Transitional Cash Assistance (TCA)?

TCA is a one-time, state-funded cash benefit of $10 automatically issued when an eligible Basic Food household would otherwise end due to Reason Code 320 - Exceeds Gross Income Limit, or Reason Code 557 - AU Requests Closure. This benefit qualifies the household to receive Transitional Food Assistance (TFA) for five months.

For more information see, E-AZ Manual - Transitional Cash Assistance.

Where can I find Transitional Cash Assistance (TCA) issuance information? 

TCA displays as a cash payment and is issued from the Basic Food Assistance Unit (AU).  TCA has an Issuance Type: (398) - State Funded TCA Issuance and the payment details are visible in the AU's issuance history. 

When is Transitional Cash Assistance (TCA) available?

TCA issuance will usually be available the day after the Basic Food household is determined eligible, and benefits deposited on the head of household’s Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card.  In the following circumstances TCA is available the first of the following month:

  • TCA eligibility is determined after monthly issuance but before the end of the month, or
  • The Basic Food AU received combined issuance at time of approval. 
NOTE:  Families found eligible for TCA don’t receive an approval letter. However, notice of eligibility for the payment is included in the change letter for their food assistance.