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Changes to secure email may affect you.

The Division of Child Support uses a secure email system to communicate confidentially with customers such as business partners and parents. Beginning Dec. 31, we are switching to a new vendor for this service. If you receive a secure email after this date you may be required to register with our new vendor before you can get your email. The process should be quick and we appreciate your patience during this transition.  You may also review the Secure Email External User Guide if you have further questions.

Thank you for all  you do to support children so they may reach their full potential!

What does the DSHS Division of Child Support do?

We provide many services for parents and families, some of them may surprise you. Learn more about the services we provide with our new video.

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Questions about child support?

Please call us at 1-800-442-KIDS (5437). This automated system allows quick access to your case manager by entering your case number. If you do not have a case or know your number press "0" for staff assistance. For further information on how to use the KIDS line please see the full instructions.


Are you struggling to pay child support?

Contact our Alternative Solutions program specialists who will help you identify and overcome barriers to paying child support. Check out the video and see how it worked for one parent. If you think the program can help you, call us at 1-800-604-1146.



What We Do

We improve lives by delivering excellent child support services.

How We Do It

We provide respect and resources to every person every day.