What to know about Insurance Data Matches



Effective January 1, 2022, insurance companies doing business in Washington State must comply with RCW 26.23.037. This new law requires insurers to report certain insurance claims to the Division of Child Support. The claims include bodily injury or wrongful death, a workers’ compensation claim, or a claim under a policy of life insurance, including an annuity.

Within 10 days of opening a tort liability claim, the insurer must exchange information with DCS (using an approved method or insurance claim data collection organization or company) to verify whether the claimant owes child support debt.

What claim information does DCS need?

Identifying information about the claimant includes:

  1. The claimant’s full name.
  2. The claimant’s Social Security number.
  3. The claimant’s date of birth.
  4. The claimant’s physical address.
  5. The insurer’s name.
  6. The insurer’s claims department address for lien receipt.
  7. The insurer’s claim number in the proper format for identification of the claim.
  8. The insurer’s claim date of loss.
  9. The adjustor’s name.
  10. The adjustor’s telephone number.
  11. The adjustor’s email address.
  12. The adjustor’s fax number.

Where should claim information be sent?

To satisfy the reporting requirements of exchanging information with DCS, insurers must provide the minimum identifying information about the claimant through one of the following methods:

  • The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement or the Child Support Lien Network.
    • OCSS email:  insurancematch@acf.hhs.gov. OCSS conducts the Insurance Match program that partners with insurers and state agencies to conduct data matches. Information on matched individuals is then sent to the state’s child support agency responsible to collect child support.
    • CSLN contact: Allison Lewis, Business Analyst alewis@childsupportliens.com or T#888-240-7488. Insurance companies may be able elect to participate through a data matching exchange option or by registering for a CSLN account to perform an individual search on a claimant who may owe past due child support in Washington. Information on matched individuals is then released to Washington State.
  • If the insurer does not have the capability to report through the above methods, report to the Division of Child Support Special Collections Unit in writing or electronically to:

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

Division of Child Support
Special Collections Unit
Phone: 360-664-5365
Fax: 360-664-5223


What happens next?

After receiving claim information, DCS will determine whether a child support debt exists and, if debt does exist, DCS will issue a Notice of Lien to the insurer. Upon receipt of the Notice of Lien, the insurer is required to provide DCS written confirmation of lien receipt in writing or electronically, with the DCS case number included with the correspondence. Confirmation can be sent to:

Division of Child Support
PO Box 11520
Tacoma WA 98411
Fax: 866-668-9518 or 360-664-5223         

DCS does reach out periodically to check the status of the claim, mainly to ensure DCS is not tracking a claim that has closed without payment, and so that if/when the claimant/obligor has retained an attorney, DCS may be able to work with that attorney toward resolving the child support lien if/when a claim settles. To help facilitate a cohesive working relationship, and significantly reduce unnecessary contact/time spent, DCS asks that the insurer reach out to DCS if a claim closes without payment or if/when a claimant retains an attorney.


If a claim resolves, where are payments sent?

Because child support liens are subject to change, DCS asks that you reach out to verify the lien balance before issuing any payments. At that time, DCS will provide written payment instructions, which include the payment mailing address and the claimant’s DCS account number that will need to be included on the payment.


Washington State Support Registry
PO Box 45868
Olympia WA 98504-5868


Do you have questions or need assistance?

Please contact the DCS Special Collections Unit at 360-664-5365 or LSC@dshs.wa.gov.

Statutory and other authority, see RCW 26.23.037 & RCW 26.23.039.