Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Claim Activity

Created on: 
Jul 18 2016

This process is not currently in use. Contact EBT HQ staff if there are questions about a specific case.

What is the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Claim Activity interface?

The EBT Claim Activity interface is a daily electronic file received from Fidelity Information Services (FIS) (EBT Vendor) which contains client EBT transactions that were not debited due to an electronic processing failure.    The file contains debit adjustments, credit adjustments and denied credit transactions for both cash and Basic Food accounts.

How do I access the client’s EBT claim activity information?

Client claim activity information can be viewed in ACES.online on the EBT Claims Activity page.

  • On the Welcome Back page,
    • In the Quick Navigation section, select EBT Claims Activity from the drop down menu, or
    • In the Other Search Links click the EBT Claims Activity Search link.
  • On the Client>>Summary page, hover over the Other Links menu and select EBT Claims Activity.

What happens when ACES receives the EBT Claim Activity information?

Letter 037-03 (Notice of EBT Adjustment Decision) is sent to notify the client of the proposed adjustment action on the EBT account.  The client has 15 calendar days to request an administrative hearing from the date the adjustment is reported on the EBT Claim Activity file.

If the EBT Claim Activity file is received after the batch letter generation process, the EBT claim activity file will be processed and any letter requests generated out of this will be added to the next day’s batch letter generation process.