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Jun 30 2016

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Additional Information

How does the Department verify a child’s citizenship or legal residency?

If a child is known to the Department, eligibility workers will first look in the Automated Client Eligibility System (ACES). The Department is able to verify citizenship for most children by using the Social Security Administration citizenship/identity interface, (SOLQ).

  • If the Citizenship Valid Value is coded as EW or FV, the citizenship status has been federally verified and no additional citizenship verification is required.
  • If the Valid Value is coded as T1 or T2:
    • Workers will check the consumer's Electronic Case Record for existing applicable documents. If the documents are on file, no additional citizenship verification is needed.
    • If there are no documents available, workers will look in the Department of Health database for birth certificate information.
      • If birth certificate information is available, no further verification is needed.
    • If verification of a child's birth is not available, workers will conduct a SOLQ inquiry through ACES. If the child's social security number comes back with a V, no further verification is required.
    • If citizenship cannot be verified though any of these methods, the case will be pended for verification.
  • Citizenship can be verified by birth certificate, passports, certification of naturalization, certificate of citizenship, etc.

Things to keep in mind

  • Social Security Administration does not issue Social Security Numbers to children who are not living in the USA legally.
  • Children who are receiving Medicaid are eligible for child care and have had their citizenship verified.
  • Newborn children born to a mother on Medicaid are automatically eligible for Medicaid and have had their citizenship verified for life.