Termination of and Redetermining Eligibility

Created on: 
Feb 01 2016

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Related WACs

DCYF Clarifying Information (published February 1, 2017)

WAC 110-15-0012

After application and reapplication, when a consumer has been approved for the 14 day wait period, if the consumer fails to provide the requested verification of participation in an approved activity the case should be terminated. The consumer may incur an overpayment for care used during these 14 days.

WAC 110-15-0285

Eligibility for Benefits

The consumer is eligible for WCCC benefits through the end of the current certification period providing WAC 110-15-0285 (1) (a) or (b) is met.

Additional Information

Why does the Department terminate cases?

If at any point during their eligibility period a client is determined to no longer be eligible for benefits, the Department terminates the case with 10-days’ written notice.

A child care case may also be terminated if a client does not:

  • Pay their copayment in a timely manner to their child care provider
  • Enter the approved activity at the end of the 14 day wait period
  • Return the requested income verification of new employment by the sixtieth day
  • Meet other eligibility requirements related to income and resources
  • Cooperate with the Child Care Subsidy audit process or with the DSHS Office of Fraud and Accountability

How can a case be reinstated?

A case may be reinstated if:

  • The Department erroneously terminated it
  • The Department receives any required verification before the termination date

What happens if the client disagrees with an adverse change or termination?

A client may request an Administrative Hearing to dispute the termination or adverse action taken.  As long as the request for a hearing is completed timely a consumer may request to continue receiving Working Connections Child Care benefits pending the outcome of the hearing.  If the consumer loses at hearing, any benefits used between the adverse action date and the hearing decision is an overpayment to the consumer.

The following situations are excluded from continued benefits pending an administrative hearing:

  • Payments to an ineligible provider
  • Applications or re-applications that have been denied