Best Estimate Guide

Created on: 
Apr 07 2016


Use information from the client, pay stubs, statements from employers, and other available proof of income to answer the following:

Rate of Pay:

  • Does the client receive a salary or an hourly wage?
    • If hourly, what is the hourly wage and how many hours does the client work each pay period?
  • Is the client paid by the piece?
    • If paid for piecework, how much is the client paid for each piece and how many pieces do they normally complete each pay period?
  • Does the client receive tips, commissions, or bonuses?

Pay Frequency:

  • What are the client's pay periods?
  • What are the client's pay dates?
  • Is the client paid on the same day each week?
  • Is the client paid on specific days of each month?

Past Income:

  • If unable to anticipate expected hours or pay rate, look at past income:
    • Do the last 3 months represent what the client should receive in the future?
    • Do the last 30 days represent what the client should receive in the future?
  • Should special circumstances be considered when looking at past income?
    • If the client has a new job, is there a partial first check?
    • Does one of the pay periods include a time the client had leave without pay due to illness or other reasons?
    • Did one pay period include overtime because the client worked extra hours for a sick co-worker?

Recent Changes:

  • Has there been a recent employment change:
    • From to part-time full-time?
    • In the number of hours worked?
    • In the client's wage or salary?
    • From one job to another?
  • Has the client received overtime pay or bonuses?
  • Have there been other changes that would impact eligibility or benefit level?

Changes Expected During the Certification Period:

  • Are the hours going to go up or down?
  • Is the income ending?
  • Has the client’s job just started?

New or Changed Employment:

  • Does the client know their rate of pay, pay frequency, and average hours per week?
  • Have we attempted to call the employer to verify employment? If we are unable to verify, we will accept the client's statement and request verification of actual pay due within 60 days of approving the application.