This alert generates overnight when the interview process is completed on AUs associated with CSO 076 (MEDS) and on all HCS SSI-related medical AUs.

This alert is a reminder about applications that have been through O – Interview, but have not been through Option P – Process Appl Months and Q – Finalize.



  • To process and finalize the application from the ALPR or ALCA screen:
  1. Enter [P] – Process Appl Months in the S field.
  2. Press <F15> - amen and the APP1 screen displays.
  3. Review the data in each month by entering a [Y] in the Sel field for each month to be processed and make necessary updates.
  4. When all pending months have been processed, press <F13> to return to the alerts screen.
  5. Enter [O] – Finalize Application in the S field
  6. Press <F15> - amen and the APP2 screen displays.
  7. When all months have been finalized, press <F13> to return to the alerts screen.



The system AUTO dispositions the alert in overnight batch.